Leaves, leaves and more leaves

Our back yard

still another shot of the back yard

back yard through the porch screen…cool isn't it!

This is the first round of leaves for the season. Probably 1/10th the amount that will fall (pun intended). Oh, and of course we have the flip side in […]

Busy weekend

Wow, the weekend flew by. It was cool both days. In the low 60’s. Friday after work my co-workers had a little going away party for me and another employee who is leaving this Friday. I will take off next Monday and Tuesday and then start my new job on Wednesday. I drove […]

Thursday blahs

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Well, I took a 1/2 day of vacation yesterday. My MIL, FIL, and my husbands grandfather are here visiting. It was my husbands 41st birthday yesterday. This year was a little better than his 40th, but not by much. He thinks he is getting old…dah! You […]