It is a crazy idea…

…or is it.

I am back trying to lose wait weight…yes, again!  So yesterday my sister-in-law and I were Skyping and were talking about our weight loss/gain woes.  I suddenly had an epiphany…I typed to her, why don’t we weigh ourselves each morning and then take a picture of the readout on the scale and email it to each other.  She said she was willing to do that.  I wasn’t sure if it would work with my scale.  Whether a photo would show the digital readout.  I think I was trying to give myself an out in case the morning came and I didn’t really want to display my weight in hard, cold, numbers to my dear sister-in-law.

I hopped out of bed this morning (I will pause for laughter here) and immediately got onto the scale with phone in hand.  I took a snapshot with said phone and low and behold I was able to capture the numbers perfectly (darn), there goes my excuse.  I then jumped in the shower (a lot of hopping and jumping in the morning).  When I came back into our bathroom after my shower I heard a ping notification on my phone.  I thot, could it be my sister-in-laws scale photo?  Sure enough when I clicked on the text message there was her scale photo, so I immediately sent my snapshot back.  She replied We are awesome!  And I replied…Yes we are.

Maybe this will work.  Time will tell.


P.S.  You didn’t really think I would post the scale photos here did you?  I am not crazy.

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