The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Well, I finished the second book in this series.  Stieg Larsson is an amazing writer.   This book is by definition a page turner. So many characters, locations, intricate plot twists and turns.  I don’t think I have liked a book this much in a long, long time.  I read a great deal, so that is saying a lot.

Now comes The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest, the third book in the Millennium Trilogy.  I have been reading these books on my Kindle for MAC.  Considerably cheaper to purchase e-books than hard cover, also a little cheaper than soft cover.

Lisbeth Salander.  Quite a character.  I found myself always rooting for her.  Even when she gets violet, there is always good reason for the violence.  She is one tough cookie.

I found the behind the scenes glimpse into publishing a magazine very informative.  Research, research, research being the key ingredient in a good story.  Boy, this was a good story.   Of course I had to continually refer to an on-line currency converter to to keep up with all the money references in the book.

500 Kronor = 67 US dollars

Lisbeth still amassed a fortune even in American dollars.

There was a lot of computer hacking taking place in this story.  Whenever there is computer hacking going on, I wonder how difficult it is to hack into computers, whether they are personal, organizational or governmental computers.  That said, I always love all the computer geeky stuff.  If someone hacked into my personal computer they would find out that it isn’t worth the trouble.  Pretty boring stuff.  Although I thought it was clever the way Lisbeth and Mikael communicated by her hacking into his computer.  No email trail that way.

Throughout this whole book I had a craving to run out and get a tattoo.  Actually to be truthful, throughout both books.  I have been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo, but I am so darn conservative that it wouldn’t fit my image.  But once a girl turns 50, she does really worry about her image as much any more.  Too many other worries, sagging boobs, extra poundage, wrinkles, manual dexterity going down the tubes, knees shot…need I go on?…I didn’t think so.

Another little gem I can take away from the experience of reading these books…I know way more about Sweden, specifically Stockholm, than I ever thought possible.


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  • Amy

    I also loved the Stieg books. Besides being extremely engaging they made me want to go to Sweden. I’ve never been to the Nordic countries and have put them on my list of places to go, people to see. I’ve also seen the first movie which I think is great and now I would like to see the second! Let’s hope his long-time girlfriend has the makings of a fourth!

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