Victorian Photography

I know this might be morbid to some but this article about Victorian postmortem photography is very enlightening.  This was probably the only photo taken of these poor children.  Here is an example.

postmortem child



Words of Wisdom

When you get the chance, travel. When you return home, stay. Wherever you end up arriving, there’s nothing like knowing that you come from somewhere.

Words of Wisdom from a father to his 21-year old daughter.  The remaining 20 are here, but I fell in love with this one.



Well, I am on another diet.  I have gained a few and by a few I mean a lot.  This time it is Nutrisystem.  I have used them before so I know what to expect with their food.  I like to pick my own items from their website.  It is all about portion control.

Sometimes I feel I am fine just the way I am.  (Weight wise).  Then I start looking at clothing fashion and I want to be slimmer.  So I go back and forth between fine-diet.

I am currently on the third day.  I am starting to get used to the decrease in food consumption.  The first day was brutal.  I was so hungry.  I didn’t have enough vegetables and salad in the house to supplement my meals, but once I was able to get to the grocery store I began to feel less hungry all the time.

I would like to do the Nutrisystem diet for two months…but we shall see.

How much to lose?…hopefully 20 pounds, although 30 would be better.


Body image…why do you care?

I have been reading several blog posts lately about body image and loving who you are no matter what you look like.  One of the common themes seems to be how these people were teased in school growing up for curly hair, flat boobs, yes I said boobs, athletic bodies being too thin or wearing quirky clothes.

I have to rant a little here.  When I was in grade/middle school I was very tall.  5’5″ in 5th grade.  I grew an inch every year until my sophomore year in high school.  So doing the math I topped out at 5’10”.  Not a giant, but not small either.  Did I get teased?…a lot.  Jolly Green Giant was common.  Pointing and laughing also common.  Did I let it get me down?…Once, then I talked to my father about it and he said “don’t let it show that it bothers you, and get over it already”.  So I did.

Did the teasing define me? No.  Am I traumatized? No.  Did I wish I was shorter?  Of course, almost everyone wants to fit in when they are younger.

I do have to laugh at most of these body image posts though.  Most of these women are average size, above average in their attractiveness, so it is hard to feel bad for their younger selves.  Try being very overweight, wearing Coke bottle glasses with acne attacking your face at every turn.  Now there is something to effect your body image when you are in middle/high school.

So when these above average attractive bloggers commiserate and say they are happy with their bodies, well, DUH, of course they are.  Who wouldn’t be?


Murdoch Mysteries

My lastest Television obsession is a Canadian broadcast called Murdoch Mysteries.  It is a detective mystery series taking place in Victorian era Toronto.  Smashing show.  One of the reasons I like this show so much is because of this fine actor…

Yannick Bisson