Alone is not lonely

I have struggled with this concept my whole life.  Always, always a loner.  My dad tried to instill in me ‘no man is an island’.  I know this to be true, but still I feel the need for alone-ness.

I am married and I believe to some degree my husband has this same affliction.  I think it is what drew us together without realizing it.

I am not a recluse, but could easily become one.  Don’t get me wrong I do my share of socializing but it gets more difficult each year that I am here.  For the longest time I thought that being alone was an infirmity.  One should want the company of others.

It’s funny my eldest sister is just the opposite.  She hates being alone.    She can talk to anyone about anything.  A little too forward in that regard.

Sometimes I am not a very good friend.




You think you know

Well, spring has arrived.  Warm days with some rain.  It has been in the 60s, 70s and 80s here in Richmond throughout March.  I think I have already gotten some poison ivy on my skin.  On my chest.  I am so allergic, all I have to do is look at a poison ivy vine and I break out.  All kidding aside, both Marc and I have gotten some nasty poison ivy rashes in the past.  Mostly when we lived in Muncie, IN.  The bushes outside the duplex we were renting needed trimming.  We did not know what poison ivy looked like, but it covered these bushes.  My husband, Marc when using the trimmer got the ivy juice all over his arms, then I picked up the trimmed branches and got the juice all over my arms and legs.  Needless to say we were covered in a rash soon after.  It took a good three weeks before the rash started to disappear.  I now know what poison ivy leaves look like.  I still get poison ivy from time to time, because our dog will brush against the leaves and then it transfers to me.  I try to be vigilant about keeping him out of the poison ivy, but sometimes my mind wanders when I am walking him.  This is the little rascal here.


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And then there was 2016

It has finally turned cold here in Virginia.  I know most people love the warmer weather, but I am not one of them.  Yes, I know, Virginia is not the best place to be for cool weather.

I went to visit family in Wisconsin the week after Christmas.  It was a good trip.  I traveled by Amtrak from Rockville, MD to Milwaukee, WI.  I love traveling by train.  Next trip I promised myself a sleeper car.  I am already looking forward to it!

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow to finish what has been a long 3-1/2 years of orthodontist work on my teeth and bite.  Oral surgery, braces and now some bonding to fill in the small gaps between my eye teeth and the teeth next to them.  Hopefully after Monday I will be completely finished with this mouth project. :)

I am a pragmatist, realist and very serious person.  I do however have many daydreaming episodes where I make up the most intricate stories with the people that touch my life.  I would like to do something with these stories, but I am not sure what?  I am working on that in the coming year.  I do like poetry, so maybe writing some with these ideas might be the way to go.  But I don’t want to limit myself so…we shall see.

The weekend is coming and I need to visit the Virginia Historical Society to see the Downton Abbey exhibit.  It’s last day is Sunday.

Have a good day everyone.



Happy New Year 2016!



…better than Wednesday, but not as good as Friday.  Oh tomorrow where are you?