And then there was 2016

It has finally turned cold here in Virginia.  I know most people love the warmer weather, but I am not one of them.  Yes, I know, Virginia is not the best place to be for cool weather.

I went to visit family in Wisconsin the week after Christmas.  It was a good trip.  I traveled by Amtrak from Rockville, MD to Milwaukee, WI.  I love traveling by train.  Next trip I promised myself a sleeper car.  I am already looking forward to it!

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow to finish what has been a long 3-1/2 years of orthodontist work on my teeth and bite.  Oral surgery, braces and now some bonding to fill in the small gaps between my eye teeth and the teeth next to them.  Hopefully after Monday I will be completely finished with this mouth project. :)

I am a pragmatist, realist and very serious person.  I do however have many daydreaming episodes where I make up the most intricate stories with the people that touch my life.  I would like to do something with these stories, but I am not sure what?  I am working on that in the coming year.  I do like poetry, so maybe writing some with these ideas might be the way to go.  But I don’t want to limit myself so…we shall see.

The weekend is coming and I need to visit the Virginia Historical Society to see the Downton Abbey exhibit.  It’s last day is Sunday.

Have a good day everyone.



Happy New Year 2016!



…better than Wednesday, but not as good as Friday.  Oh tomorrow where are you?



Catching up

When I was away visiting family in Wisconsin in August, my husband decided to repair one of our toilets.  He did not get this accomplished, because when he thought he turned off the water, he really hadn’t.  We had a small flood in our house.

That was six weeks ago.  Yesterday, I finally had the plumber in to repair the toilet and also to fix another toilet that wasn’t quite working efficiently.  Yay!

This morning we had the repair men in to fix the family room ceiling, which collapsed under the weight of the flooding water from the upstairs bathroom.  I came home right when the men were finishing (my in-laws were house sitting while they completed the repairs).  I looked at the work and they missed one area of the ceiling which had obvious water stains and puffing out.  So they had to bring all the equipment back in and repair the area they missed.  It was a little bit of a debacle.

Now we wait for the ceiling to dry, then we need to have it painted.  I am not sure who will do this, I am leaving all of that up to my husband.  He is the one working with the insurance company.  Once the ceiling is done we need to fix the carpet…on it goes.

In other house news we are starting the process of having our house painted.  It is a light yellow.  We are going to keep this color.  The painter power-washed the house yesterday.  Flecks of paint are everywhere on our stoop and sidewalk.  It is an expensive process even though the house is 1/2 brick 1/2 wood.  But it needs to be done.

So we will be a little poorer but our house will be in better shape.