I simply love this sweater.  You can find the pattern and yarn for it at a lovely New York shop I like to visit online.  The Purl Bee.

Child's knitted sweater

Child’s knitted sweater

I love to knit, but I have been kind of stymied lately on knitting.  I have several projects in the works…a baby blanket that is 90% complete.  A wonderful knitted bag that I will felt when finished knitting.  It will be beautiful.  It is also 90% complete.  I have one sock finished in the pair and also another sock started that is only 1/4 finished for another pair.  There are one or two other projects, but I am trying to pretend they don’t exist.  Hopefully I will get my knitting mojo back soon!


Hopefully the start of summer…

…a cookout today at work.  Woohoo!

16 things you didn’t know about sleep




Well I woke this morning having had a good night of sleep.  But I did have some weird dreams.  This is going to sound strange, but my skin feels really soft today.  I wonder what that is about.

This weekend is the Super B0wl, and the Seahawks is my husband’s team, hailing from Seattle and all.  I really hope they win.

Seahawks graphic  Go Hawks.


Finally a hair cut

I was trying to wait and get my hair cut when my braces come off,
but I couldn’t stand it anymore.

hair cut 4

I look really tired here, even though it was first thing in the morning.  It is what it is.